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Hydrapower: The Quiet Achiever

There are around 4000 Hydrapower machines in use throughout the world and rarely will you find a used machine for sale. Since 1972 we have invested in Engineering & Service rather than Advertising! We now have the world’s largest product line.

All of our machines are built to Quality Standards much higher than ISO-9000 requirements and always have been.
This is backed by our 5-YEAR WARRANTY!!

Product Line History
1972 Pioneered Swing Beam Shear Design - Still the only one of its type in the world.
1974 Introduced the DH-Series Press Brake with our unique TC-1000 Leveling System.
1975 Developed Zero-Clearance, Non-Metallic Slides for Press Brakes.
1976 Perfected North America's First 2 Axis CNC Press Brake.
1977 Developed SV-Series Variable Rake Guillotine Shears.
1982 Manufacturing in Australia begins
1983 Introduced Precision Ground Die Surfaces for Press Brakes.
1984 Euro Series press brakes introduced.
1990 Begins global manufacturing facilities
1991 Developed North America’s largest Press Brake – 42’ x 500 tons, 40’6” between sideframes.
1993 Introduces multiple cylinder design on press brakes
1994 Developed Russia’s largest Press Brake – 42’ x 2000 tons.
1997 Developed North America’s largest Press Brake – 50’ x 2000 tons.

Delivers machines to North America’s largest capacity fabricating plant.
POLESA of Guadalajara, Mexico has:
1- Hydrapower 50’ x 2000 Ton CNC Press Brake, Hydrapower 50’ x 1500 Ton Press Brake, 1- Hydrapower 50’ x 1000 Ton Press Brake, 1- Hydrapower 30’ x 600 Ton Press Brake, 1- Hydrapower 12’ x 1/2” Shear

1999 Hydrapower completes development of multi-axis full CNC Press Brake with unique 2 – SERVO   VALVE design.  Most other machines require complicated manifold blocks with 10 valves in each.
2000 Manufacturing in Turkey begins
2001 Manufactures 42’ x 3000 ton press brake for Taller Industrial Pionero in Mexico
2002 Global Series CNC Synchro press brakes introduced.
2003 Manufacturing in China begins

Turret Punching and Laser cutting machines introduced.

2008 Plasma Cutting and Beam Lines introduced.
2009 Developed new Fab 1 Punch.
2010 Developed new Automated Pole Manufacturing Integrated System.
2011 Developed the V Groover product line.
2012 Developed the Front Positioner for High Mast pole mfg.
2013 Developed the combination Pole straightening and top curving machine.

Some major companies using our machines are: IBM, Rockwell International, Boeing Aerospace, DBCI, NCI, McDonald Douglas, Grumman Aerospace, Northup Aviation, Allied Chemical Co, Bell Helicopters, Dupont, Honeywell, Ingersol Rand, Whirlpool Corp., Westinghouse, General Electric Corp., US Steel, Union Carbide, GEA Rainey, Elixer Industries, Rolls Royce, American Rail Car Inc., Laitram LLC., Thai International Airlines, LaPeyre Stair Inc., Metal Sales and Service Inc., Tamer Industries, Thyssen Krupp Stainless USA, KW Industries Inc., Janus International, All Pax Products LLC/Pro Mach, I-Metal Inc., National Oilwell Varco/Dreco Energy Services, Ernest D. Menold Inc., Grupo Polesa – Guadalajara, Mexico, KW Industries Inc., Union Metals Inc., Structural Steel Works Inc. – Puerto Rico, University of Petroleum & Minerals – Saudi Arabia, U.S. Navy - Guam, Philippines, Ferranti-Packard - Mexico, Taller Industrial Pionero, Escobedo Mexico, Charl Pol – Quebec, Omega Elevators. Concept Elevators Inc., CR Lawrance Co., Union Pacific Railroad.


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