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The Truth About the Largest Press Brake in America

CLAIM: Largest Press Brake in America Installed from this site.

Largest Press Brake in America

FAB-LINE Machinery, the exclusive importer of Baykal Press Brakes for the United States, has finished installing a Baykal APHS 2750 ton press brake which is 40 foot long. This single stand alone large press brake is fully CNC synchronized Y1Y2, has a full color graphic controller, special tooling, and a heavy duty two axis back gauge . . . that is only a few of the unique features that the largest press brake in the U.S.A boasts.

Due to the press brakes excellent accuracy of ram repeatability and parallelism of .0004″, it can bend parts at top accuracies and with minimal frame deflection. Unlike other manufacturers, Baykal engineers the line of large APHS press brakes with unmatched material and deflection characteristics. In addition, they use the best finite element analysis software on the market to assure the machine design is the correct calculations for your use. For instance, the .0005″ per foot per member frame deflection is three times less than other press brakes. This provides a more solid frame that can deliver highly accurate parts with virtually no correction.

This press brake has been installed at a premier structural fabrication facility in Pennsylvania. The fabricator is handling ¼ inch to 2 inch plate on the machine. In addition, this press brake is being used to produce some of the structural components of one of the most important buildings in the U.S. The largest press brake in America, handling some of the most significant steel in the United States.

Status: False

The Truth:

pioneero press brake
The Larger Pionero Press Brake
gea press brake

The Larger GEA Press Brake
polesa press brake
The Larger Polesa Press Brake

Larger HydraPower machines at Pionero and Polesa can bend a 38' x 10' plate down the center length. The GEA can bend a 40' x 10' plate down the center length.

And the testimonial that confirm this report:

And the testimonial that confirm this report:
Brake Model DH-50042 - GEA P.B.

And the testimonial that confirm this report:
2000 TON X 50’ PRESS BRAKE - Polesa

Last Updated: October 23rd, 2009

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