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SV Series Variable Rake Hydraulic Plate Shears

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SV-4008 shear
SV-4008 Shear

Product Summary

SV Series; the SV Variable Rake Hydraulic Plate Shear - from 8' x 1/2" through 30' x 11/2"

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Key Features

Standard Equipment
CNC back gauge - 48" range
CNC knife clearance adjustment & indicators
CNC stroke length adjustment
CNC servo rake adjuster - 0 to .7" per foot
Full length low voltage shadow light
High-Carbon High-Chrome 4 edged premium grade knives
6' squaring arm with scale
Comprehensive instruction manual & parts book
Operators Tool kit

Design Features
Complete hydraulic and electric overload protection
Point of operation safety guards to OSHA requirements
Self-aligning clevis mounted cylinders
All steel welded and bolted construction
No foundation required

Service Features
All hydraulic fittings are "O" ring or JIC-37 Flair
All circuits and solenoids independently fused
All the electric wiring is consistently color-coded and terminals numbered
All commercial components are suppliers standard unmodified shelf parts
Minimal lubrication required - 6 grease points

Control Features
CNC knife clearance adjustment & indicators
CNC stroke length adjustment
CNC servo rake adjuster - 0 to .7" per foot
Inching controls for added safety
Lockable control selector switch
Foot switch

Optional Equipment
Power operated back gauge extended to 60" (48" standard)
Squaring arm extended to 96", 120" or 144"
Increased throat gap - 12" or 18"
Disappearing front stops
Front support arms (3')
Tandem foot switch

Point of Operation Guarding
The machine must not be operated without point of operation guarding. It is the responsibility of the user to insure the machine is operated safely and has appropriate guards for the type of work being performed. The manufacturer can not satisfy the guarding requirements for the many and varied applications these machines can perform. The manufacturer will assist the purchaser with his selection of guarding and will offer factory installation of the guarding selected by the purchaser.

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Hydraulic System

The entire hydraulic system is to JIC standards and makes maximum use of flared fitting and "O" Ring seal connectors. All valves are flange mounted or cartridge type components to simplify servicing.

The motors and pumps are direct coupled by a bell housing to reduce noise and insure perfect alignment.

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Machine Features

Control Panel
The control panel features a lockable mode selector to provide "Off", "Inching" and "Single Cycle" functions. In the Off position the machine is completely inactive.

Knife Clearance Adjustment

  • CNC control of motorized knife clearance adjustment for instantaneous clearance changes.
  • The position indicator shows from minimum to maximum in inch or metric plate thickness.
  • Following knife regrinds the indicator can be easily calibrated to show the appropriate new positions.

Stroke Length Adjustment
The stroke length may be adjusted to reduce cycle time and increase productivity on shorter work by as much as an additional 250%.

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CNC Back Gauge System

The machines are equipped with a 48" range CNC back gauge.

Fully sealed pre-lubricated gear boxes are driven from the self locking reduction box. On both output shafts of this gearbox are two indexing couplings which provide a simple and convenient means of adjustment to compensate for any back gauge misalignment. The gear drive finally rotates two rolled acme screws which position the gauge bar.

CNC Rake Angle Control
Changes in the rake angle can readily be made to enable the shear to speed productivity by shearing thinner metal at low rake angles, requiring less stroke, resulting in faster cycle time.

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