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Product Summary

The Hydrapower DH & DHS Series of Press Brakes consists of the following standard models:

DH & DHS-10000 Series (100 tons) - from 8' through 24'
DH & DHS-13000 Series (130 tons) - from 8' through 24'
DH & DHS-18000 Series (180 tons) - from 8' through 30'
DH & DHS-25000 Series (250 tons) - from 8' through 30'
DH & DHS-33000 Series (330 tons) - from 8' through 36'
DH & DHS-40000 Series (400 tons) - from 8' through 40'
DH & DHS-50000 Series (500 tons) - from 10' through 50'
DH & DHS-60000 Series (600 tons) - from 12' through 50'
DH & DHS-75000 Series (750 tons) - from 14' through 50'
DH & DHS-100000 Series (1000 tons) - from 14' through 50'
DH & DHS-150000 Series (1500 tons) - from 14' through 50'
DH & DHS-200000 Series (2000 tons) - from 14' through 50'
DH & DHS-250000 Series (2500 tons) - from 14' through 50'
DH & DHS-300000 Series (3000 tons) - from 14' through 50'

Tandem available on all models. Custom orders available on all DH & DHS-Series, with 2 to 8 AXIS CNC controls.
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Key Features

Standard Equipment
Accuracy to within .001" on overall length
Shut height adjustable while pressing
Tilt adjustment providing .050"/REV to +/- 1"
Tonnage control and indicator
Rigid deep section bed and ram
All steel, welded & interlocked construction
Side frames capable of full off center load
Complete overload protection
Non-metallic wear resistant slides with zero running clearance
Universal gauges
Four speed system; Fast approach/Slow pressing/Slow withdrawal/Fast return
Full tonnage through entire stroke
Die adjusting set screws
Centerline loading on side frames and tool centerline
Self-aligning clevis mounted cylinders with hard chrome piston rods
Pendant or Pedestal Controls (Customer Choice)
Portable footswitch control with safety guards
Automatic lubrication system

Optional Equipment
Power operated back gauge with digital read-out
Programmable power back gauge (DELEM DAC-250)
CNC bend angle and back gauge control systems (2 to 6 AXIS) with graphics
Increased throat gap
Increased die space
Increased stroke
Increased cycle speeds
Horn extension for bed and ram
Provision for Tandem operation
Machine for angle brackets
Permanently flanged bed and ram
Pendant or pedestal control stations
Tandem foot switch controls
Flush floor bed style where feasible
Digital reading tilt adjustment
Safety light curtain

Point of Operation Guarding
The machine must not be operated without point of operation guarding. It is the responsibility of the user to insure the machine is operated safely and has appropriate guards for the type of work being performed. The manufacturer can not satisfy the guarding requirements for the many and varied applications these machines can perform. The manufacturer will assist the purchaser with his selection of guarding and will offer factory installation of the guarding selected by the purchaser.

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Unique and Efficient Levelling System

The precision leveling system is the simplest and most efficient ever to be used on press brakes. Like many of the notable brands we use the thin tape as the mechanical method of transmitting the out-of-parallel tendency of the ram but this is where the similarity ends. On other brands the control device attached to the end of the tape causes a valve on the hydraulic system to dump oil or impose a back pressure to bring about correction of the out-of-level condition. Both these actions waste horsepower which is converted directly to heat energy in the hydraulic oil.

The Leveling Sensor on the Hydrapower Press Brake mechanically amplifies the movement of the tape caused by any out-of parallel tendency. This magnified movement will actuate one of the two micro-switches (Advance or Retard) if the ram becomes out of parallel by as little as .0005. Contact with the limit switch now activates a miniature solenoid which decreases the volume to the slave circuit. The very small changes in displacement take place smoothly without impulses or shock to the hydraulic system. The leveling sensor needs no lubrication and has no wear-affected parts. The two micro-switches which are actuated by the leveling sensor are capable of millions of cycles and are accompanied by two "back up" units to ensure the system is fail safe even when the stager micro-switches malfunction due to age. Replacement of these units is readily accessible and simple to perform when the need should arise.

Robust Deep Section Bed and Ram
The bed and ram dimensions are designed to provide the maximum rigidity with a reasonable amount of weight. The depth of these members is the most important dimension. Some long bed models require a cavity in the floor to accommodate the bed but this can be avoided by substantially increasing the width of the bed with a resultant increase in weight for the same rigidity.

Extra Long Slides
To ensure longer life and greater accuracy the machines are equipped with very long slides. When the housings are being machined for the slides, a reference level surface is also machined at the same time to enable the slides to be accurately realigned when the press brake is being installed.

The slides require no lubrication and run with zero clearance to insure front to back precision within .001".

Front Operated Back Gauges
To facilitate fast set ups, front operated back gauging may be added. For further convenience a push button, power driven back gauge is also available. Either form of these options includes a digital reading position indicator.

Portable Footswitch
The Portable Footswitch has anti-trip protection to prevent accidental actuation. The footswitch is attached to a reinforced flexible cable which is resistant to abrasion, oil and being crushed.

Note: When the foot switch is released, all downward motion will immediately cease.

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Stroke Control Data

  • High Speed Control Rod can be readily raised or lowered to provide high speed in the approach and return directions.
  • Top of Stroke Cam adjusts up and down the bar to allow swift changes in open height.
  • Tonnage Control Indicator provides adjustment of tonnage capacity to protect tooling against overload.
  • Bottom of Stroke Digital Read-Out adjusts shut height for precise control of bend angle. Bottom of stroke is referenced to the dies and provides constant position regardless of tonnage changes.

Stroke Adjustment
Standard models have a digital reading stroke adjustment for precise control of the shut height position. Optional six station turret stops facilitate forming up to six different angles in sequence. The top of the stroke or "open height" position may be set anywhere throughout the stroke to reduce cycle time and speed up production.

Standard Operating Controls

  • Lockable Mode Selector located on the main panel "Off" - "Inch" - "Single Cycle" functions.
  • Lockable "Hand" - "Foot" Selector on main panel allows supervisor to limit operation to either two hand station or foot switch.
  • "Inch Up" buttons located on main panel and on ram operators station provide "Up" functions at any point and these override the top of stroke switch cam.
  • Motor Start/Stop Buttons are located on main panel.
    Tonnage Indicator and Control are located on main panel and provide additional overload limits.
  • Two Hand Station houses the "Two Inch Down" buttons and "Inch Up" button.

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Construction Features

The frame and all attachments are fabricated from high-quality steel to produce a virtually indestructible assembly.

The hydraulic cylinders are connected to the RAM with hardened, self aligning, spherical thrust bearings which provide exceptionally long service without the need for lubrication. Deflections and overloads in the frame and housing have no effect on cylinder and slide alignment.

The hydraulic system involves less valves than most other press brakes and reflects the simplicity and convenience of service which we design into the machine.

The electric system is supplied to UL and CSA requirements and it is designed for ease of service. A weather-proof panel contains operating push buttons and switches. A safety disconnect is interlocked in the panel door which contains the motor starters, overloads, and control transformer. It also includes the terminal strip with an individual fuse for each solenoid function.

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