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V Groover
CNC for curtain wall and architectural metal processing.
All our machines are built to quality standards much higher than ISO-9000 requirements, and always have been. This is backed by our 5-year warranty -The highest standard in the Fabricating Equipment Industry! There are around 4,000 Hydrapower machines in use throughout the world and rarely will you find a used machine for sale. Since 1972 we have invested in Engineering and Service rather than Advertising. This, we feel, contributes to our large volume of repeat customers...


global series shear

Euro Series CNC
CNC press brakes
45 tons to 440 tons x 20’
Global Series CNC
CNC Synchro 110 tons to 1000 tons x 40’
DH & DHS Series
CNC and conventional 100 tons to 6000 tons x 100’
DH & DHS Servo Type

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The Hydrapower Magnabend is power operated and ideal for use with the V Groover.


so series shear

SO Series
High speed overdriven 14 ga, 10 ga, 3/16" x 20' long
SH Series
Heavy Duty 1/4" to 1.5" x 20' long
SV Series
Variable Rake CNC 1/4" to 1.5" x 30' long

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Water Jet
Laser Cutting
Water Jet
With KMT pump and your choice of CNC

Laser Cutting
Fiber Laser



DH & DHS-200042
This is a 42' x 2000 ton press brake.
DH & DHS-200050
This is a 50' x 2000 ton Press brake.
DH & DHS-50042
This is a 42' x 500 ton press brake.
Seam Welder
20" X 52" Lincoln Welding Power and Controls.

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Flow Former / Burnisher

Flow Former / Burnisher
For Manufacturing of Tapered Poles and Decorative Poles

Round Pole Plate Positioner

Superior forming accuracy for poles.

Polygon Plate Positioner
Pole Manufacturing. 2 Front or Rear Feeders Needed.

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